Stieger Bruno

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Bruno Stieger


Name of the Institution

Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

University Hospital Zurich

Raemistrasse 100

8091 Zurich


Phone +41 44 634 31 69



Group Members

dipl. pharm. Zainab Blattmann-Mahdi, PhD student,

Stephanie Bernhard, technical assistant,

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

The main research of the group is focused on the intraction of drugs and imaging agents with hepatocellular transporters and on mechanisms of lipid secretion from hepatocytes into bile. To address the first question, we use cell lines stably transfected with uptake transporters and insects cells together with the baculoviurs system for efflux transporters. A major focus of this work is to study the role of drug-transporter interactions in the pathogenesis of drug-induced liver injury. To study canalicular lipid secretion, we work on the proteome of the rat canalicular membrane. In addition, we have established several model cell lines, which are currently used to study details of canalicular phospholipid and cholesterol secretion.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

hepatocanalicular ABC transporters, bile formation, biliary lipid secretion, drug-transporter interaction, physiology and pathophysiology of liver

Special Techniques and Equipment

antibody generation (polyclonal and monoclonal), subcellular fractionation, lipid analysis,

Education and Training

Forschungsseminar Klinische Pharmakologie und Experimentelle Hepatologie

Selected Publications

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