Provenzano Maurizio

Group Leader

PD Dr. Maurizio Provenzano, MD, PhD

Name of the Institution

Research Laboratory
Department of Urology
Uro-oncology research group
University Hospital Zurich


Wagistrasse 21


8952 Schlieren



Group Members

Mykhailo Razumenko

Tobias Schmidli

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

The main goal of urological research is the identification of new specific molecular markers within urological malignancies, whose overall expression would discriminate with high sensitivity and specificity between both benign or malignant lesions and indolent or clinically significant cancers. Level of expression of tumour-inducer molecules such as oncogenic antigens (human polyomavirus BK regulatory protein LTag), immune escape effectors (indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase; IDO), or lymph-angiogenesis factors (VEGF-C and D) could characterize malignant lesions and their organ dissemination according to their histological degrees allowing therefore acting on diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decision. Notably, therapeutic assessments using targeted agents against those markers would be of great benefit for human neoplastic diseases, in particular when tumour targets are fully correlating to malignancy.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

Genitourinary cancers, tumour-virology, cancer immune surveillance

Special Techniques and Equipment

Cell and tissue culture, gene expression (qRT-PCR), MHC/peptide identification, immunoassay, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry

Education and Training

We have training opportunities for research fellows, Postdocs, PhD Students, Master students and medical dissertations


Swiss National Science Foundation, Forschungskredit University Zurich, Siftung für Urologische Forschung


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