Morina Naser

Gruppenleiter / Group Leader

Dr. phil. Naser Morina

Morina Naser



University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich

Department of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine


Culmannstrasse 8

Ort / City

8091 Zurich

Telefon / Phone

+41 44 255 51 21

Gruppenmitglieder / Group Members

Sandra, Passardi, M.Sc
Ulrich Schnyder, Prof. Emer. dr. med
Chantal Martin-Soelch, Prof. Dr. phil.

Matthis Schick, Dr. med.

Nikolai Kisselev, M.Sc.

Panagiota Mistridis, Dr. phil.

Prof. Richard Bryant, PhD.

Prof. Angela Nickerson, PhD

Prof. Adam Brown, PhD

David Srivastava, Dr. med.

Niklaus Eggloff, PD. Dr. med.

Thomas Maier, PD. Dr. med.

Marit Sijjbrandij, PhD, Assist. Prof.

Eva Heim, PhD

Clare Killikelly, PhD

Johannes Ullrich, Prof. Dr. phil.

Mirëlinda Shala, M.Sc.
research assistants (MD students and MA psychologists, BA students)

Hauptforschungsgebiet(e) / Main Field(s) of Research / Abstract

Psychotraumatology, refugee mental health, mechanisms underlying psychological effects of torture and trauma, phenomenology and treatment of posttraumatic stress reactions, psychotherapy with interpreters, migration and health, pain and somatoform disorders, assessment tools, mini interventions, low-intensity interventions, lay-counseling

Schlüsselwörter für Forschungsgebiet(e) / Keywords for Research Field(s)

Ausbildung und Schulung / Education and Training

We have training opportunities for PhD students, for medical dissertations, for medical master students and for psychology diploma and master students.

Wichtigste Publikationen / Selected Publications

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Finanzierung / Funding

H2020, SNF, Parrotia-Stiftung, Swiss Federal Government (DEZA, SEM, BAG), Stiftung zur Förderung von Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

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