Dillier Norbert

Group Leader

Prof. Dr.sc.techn. Norbert Dillier


Norbert Dillier

Name of the Institution

Laboratory of Experimental Audiology
ENT Department
University Hospital


Frauenklinikstr. 24


8091 Zürich


+41-44-255 58 01


Group Members

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

In the laboratory of experimental audiology, we work on projects to better understand and improve the function of auditory prostheses such as cochlear implants as well as conventional and implantable hearing aids.

The main goals are to enhance the speech discrimination performance, especially in noisy environments and to improve the sound quality for music perception with these devices.

New methods for programming and speech processor fitting especially for the very young children using objective electrophysiologic measurement procedures are a major area of research.

The investigation of the mechanical properties of the outer and middle ear using laser Doppler vibrometry and finite element modeling aims to further the basic understanding of these structures and to develop tools for better middle ear prostheses.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

Cochlear Implant (CI), speech processing strategies, music perception optimization, neural response telemetry (NRT), modelling of excitation patterns, DSP speech coding algorithms, fitting strategies for speech processors and digital hearing instruments, Noise reduction algorithms, sound classification, Middle Ear Mechanics, Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV), finite element modelling (FEM), Audiological data processing

Special Techniques and Equipment

  • Audiological test and measurement setups for clinical and experimental studies
  • Free field testing setup for localization and speech in noise experiments
  • Software tools and expertise in software applications for audiological purposes

Education and Training

Postgraduate course in medical physics: lecture of medical acoustics, colloquium, exercises in biomedical engineering

Semester, diploma and PhD theses for students of the University and ETH of Zürich (biomedical engineering, informatics, biology, medicine)

Selected Publications

  • Appenrodt P, Dillier N, Gielen F (2012) Technische Grundlagen implantierbarer Neurostimulatoren. In: Classen J, Schnitzler A (eds) Interventionelle Neurophysiologie. Thieme, Stuttgart, pp 55-61
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  • Brand Y, Senn P, Kompis M, Dillier N, Allum JHJ (2014). Cochlear implantation in children and adults in Switzerland. Swiss Medical Weekly, 144:w13909
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University of Zurich, European Union, private endowments and donations, industry

  • Biomedical Engineering (ETH and University of Zürich)
  • Psychological Institute UZH, Neuroplasticity and Learning in the Normal Aging Brain
    Centre of Competence (INAPIC)
  • Center for Neurosciences University of Zürich (ZNZ)
  • Center for integrative human physiology, University of Zurich (ZIHP)
  • Several clinical research groups in the field of Cochlear Implants worldwide


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