Huber Alexander

Goup Leader

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Huber

A. Huber

Name of the Institution

Division of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
UniversityHospital Zurich


Frauenklinikstrasse 24


8091 Zurich


+41-44-255 58 60


Group Members

Sim, Jae Hoon, PhD, senior researcher (
Prochatzka, Lukas, PhD, postdoc (
Gerig, Rahel, MSc, ZNZ-PhD student (
Röösli, Christof, MD, senior researcher (
Fausch, Christian, MD, postdoc (
Dalbert, Adrian, MD, postdoc (

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

The investigation of mechanical properties and the three dimensional kinematics of the middle ear ossicles as well as the interface between the middle and inner ear aims to further reveal the basic understanding of these complex structures. The way the middle ear transmits sound to the fluids of the inner ear needs further investigation and has a direct impact on the classical theory of hearing. In order to provide the safest and most effective hearing rehabilitation to patients, we are involved in developing and testing passive (ossicular replacement) and active (implantable hearing aids) middle ear prosthesis as well as cochlear implants. Thereby we conduct both theoretical and model-based studies to optimize shape, weight and coupling properties. Finally, new prostheses are implanted in patients and evaluated using standardized, controlled protocols. With future projects, the quality of perceived sound shall be quantified in models and surgical preparations to allow for comparison and further improvement of prosthesis design, coupling properties, material selection and surgical techniques. With this, fundamental techniques for intra-operative quality assessment will be developed for future use.

Main Fields of Research, Keyword

Biomechanics of Hearing, Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear, Inner Ear

Special Techniques and Equipment

Acoustio-mechanical measurement techniques and equipment, scanning and single point Laser Doppler interferometers, micro dissection laboratory for animal experiments and human temporal bones

Education and Training

PhD and MD students, PostDocs and graduate students



Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), EMDO Foundation Zürich, USZ, industrial partners


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