Landolt Hans-Peter

Group Leader

Hans-Peter Landolt, PhD


Name of the Institution

Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology
University of Zürich


Winterthurerstrasse 190


8057 Zürich


+41-44-635 59 53


Group Members

Julia Rétey, dipl. natw. ETH, PhD Student,
Eva Geissler, eidg. dipl. pharm., PhD Student,
Sereina Bodenmann, dipl. natw. ETH, PhD Student,
Martin Adam, dipl. natw. ETH, Scientific Collaborator,
Claudia Donatsch, cand. med., MD Student,
Ursina Nadig, cand. pharm. ETH, Diploma Student,

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

Recent observations indicate that theta activity (5-9 Hz) in waking and slow-wave activity (0.75-4.5 Hz) in sleep represent distinct EEG markers of a common homeostatic sleep process. We conduct studies combining pharmacological, clinical and pharmacogenetic methods, and EEG topography and brain imaging in waking and sleep to investigate putative neurochemical substrates of sleep homeostasis. At present we focus on the adenosinergic system and the roles of adenosine and A1 and A2A receptors in regulating sleep, vigilance and mood in healthy volunteers and psychiatric and neurologic patients (e.g. major depression, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease).

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

sleep regulation, EEG spectral analysis, sleep deprivation, vigilance, neuropharmacology, pharmacogenetics, aging, psychiatric and neurological disorders

Special Techniques and Equipment

We apply a multidisciplinary approach including:

· EEG topography in waking and sleep

· DNA molecular-genetic analyses (in collaboration with the Neurology Policlinics, University Hospital Zürich, and the Institute of Medical Genetics, University of Zürich)

· positron emission tomography (in collaboration with the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zürich, and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), University of Zürich and ETH)

· pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies

· neurobehavioral testing

Education and Training

Training opportunities for diploma and PhD students

Selected Publications

Adam M, Rétey JV, Khatami R and Landolt HP. Age-related changes in the time course of vigilant attention during 40 hours without sleep in men. Sleep 29, in press.

Landolt HP and Gillin JC. Similar sleep EEG topography in middle-aged depressed patients and healthy controls. Sleep 28, 239-247, 2005.

Landolt HP, Kelsoe JR, Rapaport MH and Gillin JC. Rapid tryptophan depletion reverses phenelzine-induced suppression of REM sleep. J Sleep Res 12, 1-6, 2003.

Landolt HP and Gillin JC. Different topographical EEG effects of phenelzine treatment during wakefulness and sleep in depressed patients. Neuropsychopharmacology 27, 462-469, 2002.

Landolt HP and Posthuma de Boer L. Effect of chronic phenelzine treatment on REM sleep: report of three patients. Neuropsychopharmacology 25, S63-S67, 2001.

Landolt HP, Raimo EB, Schnierow BJ, Kelsoe JR, Rapaport MH and Gillin JC. Sleep and sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) in depressed patients treated with phenelzine. Arch Gen Psychiatry 58, 268-276, 2001.

Landolt HP and Borbély AA. Age-dependent changes in sleep EEG topography. Clin Neurophysiol 112, 369-377, 2001.

Landolt HP and Gillin JC. Sleep abnormalities in alcohol-dependent patients: etiology and management. CNS Drugs 15, 413-425, 2001 (Review).

Landolt HP and Gillin JC. GABAA1a receptors: involvement in sleep regulation and potential of selective agonists in the treatment of insomnia. CNS Drugs 13, 185-199, 2000 (Review).


Swiss National Science Foundation


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