Brugger Peter

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Brugger



Neuropsychology Unit
Department of Neurology
University Hospital Zurich


Frauenklinikstrasse 26


CH-8091 Zürich


+41-44-255 55 70

Group Members

Dr. phil. Sarah Broicher (Clinical Neuropsychologist)
Dr. phil. Olivia Geisseler (Clinical Neuropsychologist)
Leonora Graber (Speech Therapist)
Mirjam Hofmann (Speech Therapist)
Dr. phil. Bigna Lenggenhager (Postdoc)
Gianluca Macauda (PhD Candidate)
Marsha Mayer (Speech Therapist)
Manuela Omlin (Clinical Neuropsychologist)
Laurent Schüpbach (PhD Candidate)
Evelyn Unterburger (Clinical Neuropsychologist)
Michaela Veigl (Clinical Neuropsychologist)

Main Field(s) of Research / Abstract

Our scientific interests involve the cognitive and emotional consequences of neurological diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or different kinds of neurodegenerative processes. Investigations of the neglect syndrome open windows to the brain’s representation of space, body, time and number. The study of special groups of persons without overt brain damage enables us to better understand psychiatric aspects of corporeal awareness and of the notions of chance and randomness. An overarching interest has always been devoted to issues of laterality and the interface between brain and culture.

Keywords for Research Field(s)

Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuropsychology; Neuropsychiatry; Behavioral Neurology

Special Techniques and Equipment

We are specialized in the design of behavioral task paradigms. Of secondary interest is the combination of behavioral methods with techniques such as eye tracking, virtual reality simulations, neuroimaging and brain stimulation.

Education and Training

We have training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and candidates of the Postgraduate Course of Medicine at the University of Zurich with at least some background in cognitive research and a strong interest in the research topics mentioned above.

Selected Publications

For a larger selection of publications, click here.

Brugger, P. (2012). Book Review: Tabula Rama. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 17, 351–358. ZORA DOI
Brugger, P. (2015). Chicks with a number sense. Science, 347, 477–478. DOI
Brugger, P., & Lenggenhager, B. (2014). The bodily self and its disorders: neurological, psychological and social aspects. Current Opinion in Neurology, 27, 644–652. ZORA DOI
Brugger, P., & Meier, R. (2015). A New Illusion at Your Elbow. Perception, 44, 219–221. DOI
Christen, M., Vitacco, D. A., Huber, L., Harboe, J., Fabrikant, S. I., & Brugger, P. (2013). Colorful brains: 14 years of display practice in functional neuroimaging. NeuroImage, 73, 30–39. ZORA DOI
Hilti, L. M., Hänggi, J., Vitacco, D. A., Kraemer, B., Palla, A., Luechinger, R., … Brugger, P. (2013). The desire for healthy limb amputation: structural brain correlates and clinical features of xenomelia. Brain, 136, 318–329. ZORA DOI
Macauda, G., Bertolini, G., Palla, A., Straumann, D., Brugger, P., & Lenggenhager, B. (2015). Binding body and self in visuo-vestibular conflicts. European Journal of Neuroscience, 41, 810–817. ZORA DOI
McKay, R., Tamagni, C., Palla, A., Krummenacher, P., Hegemann, S. C. A., Straumann, D., & Brugger, P. (2013). Vestibular stimulation attenuates unrealistic optimism. Cortex, 49, 2272–2275. ZORA DOI
Rashidi-Ranjbar, N., Goudarzvand, M., Jahangiri, S., Brugger, P., & Loetscher, T. (2014). No horizontal numerical mapping in a culture with mixed-reading habits. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8(72). ZORA DOI
Zimmermann, K., & Brugger, P. (2013). Signed Soliloquy: Visible Private Speech. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 18, 261–270. ZORA DOI


Swiss National Science Foundation; Cogito Fondation

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